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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

And the fun keeps on coming!

I really don't know what I did to piss off the karma fairy, but she's apparently decided to beat me up this week. Or something.

It's been a long time since I've felt so incompetant and out of my depth as I did in a phone conversation today. Jean managed to pummel me with enough techno-babble that after that 30 minute conversation, I had no further idea what she wanted from me, couldn't access the file she wanted me to look at, had managed to mess up my computer so that it now keeps forcing me to sign into PC-Leland repeatedly throughout the day, and utterly made me feel like there was no hope of my ever getting sufficiently up to speed and being effective at the task which has been handed to me. I went to talk to Harish about it, but he was in a meeting. Then I went to walk over and talk to Eileen about it and realized I was starting to cry. So I went and hid in the bathroom. Up til now, I've thought I had a fairly decent understanding of the needs for Authority Manager, and could probably add anything else I needed to know about it fairly quickly. Now I feel out of my depth and overwhelmed. How did I, an English major with fairly decent writing skills, but no prior interest or experience with computers, end up spending my career on computer systems? It took me ten minutes to realize that it's not all my issue though. During the conversation, Jean used 3 different terms for the SUNet ID. She really could've just said "SUNet ID", or even "primary SUNet ID," but that wasn't how this conversation was going. She may as well have been telling me all this in Spanish for as much common vocabulary we had.

Anyway,I pulled myself together and went on to my next meeting. It was about 15 minutes into that meeting when I realized I'd stood up my 9am meeting. Frak.

Meanhwhile, Kevin had asked yesterday if I'd like to go see Spiderman 2 with the Googlers at 7pm. I gave an enthusiastic "Heck yeah!" But, due to some sort of snafu, there aren't enough tickets, so now my evening plans are shot for a second night in a row. I feel bad even complaining about that though. I mean, compared to Kevin, things just aren't so bad. His grandmother is expected to die within the next 48 hours. He saw her on Monday and she was doing fine. Then they told her she had terminal cancer, and whammo. Suddenly she's non-responsive to anything but extreme pain. The doctor gave her about 2 days to live. Oh, and this is the second year in a row Kevin is having a major family member die within a week of his birthday. I really hope he enjoys Spiderman tonight. He needs it.

Oh, and someone bought the townhouse on Benton. Someone not me. When the sign went up, I said, "This one is mine." Apparently it's not. I don't think we'll ever manage to buy a house here. I can't earn income and save savings fast enough to keep up with the market. It always stays one step ahead of me. Three years we've been trying to buy a house. It's never going to happen.


  • I hear Sacramento is nice...

    By Blogger Unknown, at 3:16 PM  

  • Never say Never.

    Never, according to having the 20% down and having a good loan with exactly the house you want at the time you want, maybe.

    But you have more saved than I, and *I* could buy a house. I'd be house poor and in an assy loan, but I could buy one. It wouldn't be a dream house and it wouldn't be in a nice neighborhood, but it would be a house. And if that's what mattered, I could do it now.

    You have more money saved than I (I don't know how much, but you've mentioned it once and remember being impressed). You make more money than I do. You could buy a better house than I can/could right now. And once you were in it for a while, with equity, you could get something better.

    I've more or less come to the realization that CA does not play nice to a first time home-buyer. The solution is to buy a "starter" house and move up from there.

    Maybe I don't know the area well enough, but I'd be willing to bet there is some stuff there in the 350,000 range that isn't gouge your own eyes out bad. And you should be able to get that playing hardball.


    By Blogger Zhaneel, at 5:17 PM  

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