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Sunday, June 13, 2004

A Bad Day for the Regents Blvd House and its Residents

We arrived at Fred's place at 5 to host the party, since both he and Malaya were due to be out. With Malaya's car out front, we figured she'd made it home early. She was upstairs in Fred's room, trying to make sense of the very large mess she encountered there.

Turns out, Fred and Brooks' place had been burgled either last night or this morning. Very little was missing, but much was in a mess. Fred had come home earlier and straightened out the downstairs for the party after calling the police and filing a report. Malaya called him and found out the rest of the scoop. It seemed the only thing stolen was Brooks' laptop.

Then Brooks got home from his camping weekend. He was unloading the car, and went to open the garage door, and from inside the house we heard a sort of whomp. It took us all a minute or so to figure it out. I went to peek out the garage, and the garage door was sitting at a bit of an unnatural angle. We rushed around the front to discover that dry rot had caused the hinges of the door to pull out of the frame. 'Cause, y'know, getting your house broken into isn't a big enough bummer on its own. You really need the house to fall apart too to make the day really special.

Further investigation led to some other odd items being missing: a new digital audio recorder being the worst; a jar of pennies being the weirdest. The other thing was that they thieves had opened every remote control battery compartment. The only guess is that it was in a search for drugs. Our best guess at a profile is of a local kid looking to steal only what could be easily carried and explained away to the parents, primarly drug or cash seeking.

Poor Brooks felt pretty bad. For some reason, his stuff was apparently more attractive than Fred's stuff. I can't explain it. Suffice to say, it sucks to be him right now.

Other than that, we had a lovely Spaghetti/BBQ Sunday, with a great turnout and lots of good food and good company. Shawna and Sherman were visiting from Arizona and it was really nice to see them. Still, there was a sort of oddness to the whole evening.


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