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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Boy am I off today.

This morning I left the house with lunch for me, lunch for Rick, and my dance bag. After putting my cell phone into my work bag, I left that bag sitting on the bench in the kitchen. I got to work, looked behind my seat in the car, and was very confused. It wasn't in the trunk. It wasn't in the car. It must be at home. Okay.

This is after realizing I left the house without my glasses somewhere along the drive to work.

Then I went to a class on Using Humor in Presentations where unfortunately the instructor thought she was teaching a class on Humor in Communication. It ended up being sort of a waste for me. I've got to learn to stop taking little half day classes like that because they never get into anything beyond the basic situation. I am humorous and lighthearted in the easy situations. It's the tricky ones that are hard. Workshopping the tricky scenarios might be useful. Going over the basics again isn't. Anyway, I arrived at 8:30. The class was underway. It seemed to be going pretty fast. We wrapped up around 11:15, and I headed back, thinking I had time for a quick bite of lunch (yummy turkey meatballs, garlic broccoli, cherries and sugar peas. Yum.), and then I'd run to my dance class. On the way back, I bumped into Rick and he was about to run home to get my bag for me. Sweet guy. I went back to my desk, checked my voicemail, warmed up my lunch, and sat down to the Mac in the office. It said that it was 12:35. That seemed odd, so I adjusted the clock.

Then Jo-Ann said something and I realized it really was 12:56, not 11:56 like I thought and I'd just missed my dance class. For some reason, my wristwatch is off by 1 hour. I adjusted it to say 12:58. Now I'm thoroughly befuddled. I think it's 1:12. I'm just not sure anymore. It's amazing how much my perception of time affected the class I was in. It didn't seem tedious at the time. Looking back, if that's all we covered in four hours, that was a major waste of time.

Anyway, I'm now wondering what time I talked to Rick and when he's planning to be back. I've got a meeting at 2pm with Valerie Fratus, so I guess that's pretty soon. I'm utterly at loose ends. I have no computer, no wallet, no glasses, and apparently a totally warped sense of time. If I had a car here, I'd probably call off my day and go home, but Rick has the car since he's fetching my bag and my glasses. I'm so far off my game that it actually feels more like a dream than real life. These are the kinds of things that happen in my dreams. It's all very surreal.

Well, I guess I'd best get back to work. Or something. Yeah.


  • I hate those days. I've had several of them in the past year. Not quite as bad all at once, but I'm not sure having half as bad several times is a fair trade off.

    By Blogger Zhaneel, at 11:49 AM  

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