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Monday, June 14, 2004

Campus Brawl: Oracle Vs. PeopleSoft at Stanford

This article pretty well sums up the projects I've been working on at Stanford for the past three years. Thankfully, I'm only peripherally involved in the PeopleSoft HR and Graduate Financial System these days, and spending most of my time working on the new eProtocols system. This whole thing has been a total nightmare for the university. The one thing I don't grok is who thought it would be a good idea to use two different ERP packages? Trying to get Oracle and PeopleSoft to play nice is like putting a pair of rabid dogs in a cage together and seeing who rips out whose throat first. Pick one, and move forward. Anything else is suicide. And none of the above is a real option. But if you choose none of the above, don't code your own system in a special language you created. That's what got us to the point of having to retire the mainframe in the first place. It's written in "Spires" which was a language created at Stanford for Stanford mainframes. The mainframe had to be retired because all the people who created it wanted to retire, or were dying.


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