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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Ceili Chaos

So, to add to my already utterly befuddling day, I arrived first at St. Stephen's last night to find a large party upstairs. By 7pm when Paul and Rachel arrived, it had spilled out downstairs as well. We had a little pow-wow, then called everyone who was there for lessons outside. We called off lessons for the night, and then started calling everyone who might be coming from farther than local to warn them not to show up. We actually reached both Will and Alex before they got there from the east bay. Unfortunately, Chris Stehlik wasn't so lucky. We gave the first timers a card that I wrote on the back saying "Please Come Back! You're entitled to a free lesson." Meanwhile, Paul was calling Matt, and Matt decided to come on out anyway for an impromptu band performance. Apparently there was a little dancing. By the time we left at 8pm, the downstairs had cleared out, so honestly, we could've held a short lesson, but we'd officially called it off 45 minutes earlier.

I would be really ticked about the manager not notifying us, but really, I just feel sorry for Mike, the bartender. He didn't know it was happening either until he got to work at 5. That sucks.

I've got a call in to Des, the general manager. Hopefully I'll hear back from him today. Really, it would've been no big deal if I'd had 24 hours notice and could've sent a very different email to the mailing list than the one I did. We would've started the lessons later, had no intermediate class, and just had open dancing at 9. But that's not how things went. Instead, we went to dinner with Fred and Malaya. We went to peek into Rosie McCann's pub to see if it was a possible replacement spot, then upon finding it entirely too small and highly restaurant oriented, headed over for dinner at Pasta Pomodoro, but since they had a 20 minute wait, and since I've been burned by their 20 minute waits before, after a little more looking around Santana Row for food, we headed over to Chevy's for dinner instead. No waiting, no absurd prices, and a virgin strawberry margarita with my name on it. Well, okay, not my name, but a lovely dolop of whipped cream. Well fed on their "Best of the Best" with steak fajitas and a chicken taco, I was more than ready to write off Tuesday as "The day I most needed a Mulligan for, ever."


  • Ceili got better after a time.
    I didn't come down from the East Bay that day, I was on my way back from the Monterey Bay Aquarium, so that was fine. I stayed around with Dave Bedno and a few other people I hadn't met before. We hung out nearby and I got ice cream. The band came and we did a few waltzes and a Haymaker's Jig, so it worked out.

    By Blogger Chris S, at 1:23 PM  

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