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Thursday, June 03, 2004

New Laptop

Started getting set up on my new laptop today. There's one issue - Dell shipped the wrong optical drive. Now I've got a basic CD-ROM drive instead of the DVD/CD-R/CD-RW jobby I was supposed to have. Kelvin's got a call in to them to fix that. Bummer. But other than that, it's here and new and shiny. I kinda like it. I'm looking forward to having lots of memory. Now I just have to configure everything to my style. I hate that part. Right now, IE is a mess of useless popups, and Dreamweaver is stupid because I need to redefine all my sites since it stores the site definitions in the registry. Sigh. Oh well. Assuming we get through this phase successfully, it should be a happy shiny fun new toy by the middle of next week. Now it's just a little five pound lump of potential.


  • A little freeware util should make the Dreamweaver portion of this a little easier, enjoy.

    By Blogger Clownfish, at 8:17 PM  

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