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Tuesday, June 08, 2004


My favorite band in high school was the Pixies. They rocked beyond belief. Then they broke up, not long after I saw them play at the Crest. I still listen to the CDs pretty regularly though, especially in the summer for some reason. The B-52s and The Pixies are both perfect for the summer.

A couple of seasons ago on Gilmore Girls, I laughed a lot harder than Rick when Lane explained how hopeless something was by comparing it to a potential reunion for the Pixies.

Lane would be wetting herself right now. I just bought two tickets to the Pixies concert at 3pm on September 26th. Woot!


  • All I know...

    So I tried for the Team, Basically

    All I know is they were so quiet about it. And then the next thing you know...

    By Blogger vile, at 8:49 AM  

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