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Tuesday, June 08, 2004


Having a depressing day at work. We had our first testers in for GFS w/Workflow. They said exactly what I said six months ago - the clicking around is really oppressive. It's hard to use. Yep. I know that, but the business analyst kept saying things like, "Well, sometimes the needs of the system outweigh the needs of the user." Sure they do. Ugh.

Then I went to go do testing on E-Protocols for Non-Medical Human Subjects. Anastasia met with Chandra and marked up a bunch of screen shots back on May 21st. None of her changes (extensive as they were) are done or correct. The system was supposed to be ready in dev on June 2nd, then rescheduled to yesterday afternoon. It's still not in dev. We were working on the Key remote server. We were very disappointed.

These are the days that make you wonder what the heck you're doing with your life, because clearly, making any progress towards a better user experience at Stanford just isn't happening. Sigh.


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