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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Housing update

Okay, so the owners of the little yellow house countered at $460k. For those who aren't especially fast at math, that's a full $25k over the initial asking price. Hoo-wah! So, we can't do that. Can't/won't/whatever. But last night we were in the area and found another darling house. This one doesn't have $8k in repairs needed. This one is freshly painted and has a new central heating system and a new deck on the back and new double pane windows and new cabinets in the kitchen . It's not quite as perfect for hosting a ceili, but it's still awfully nice. I like it. It feels homey. And we drove past last night and walked around and the owners were home and they came out and showed us around and hung out with us and gave us the full tour and told us all about the work they've done on it. It was really nice. We hung out for 45 minutes or so just shooting the breeze with them and scritching their 3 kitties.

So, I'm sold. Unless the little yellow house folks say nevermind on the extra 10k, then we're buying Graham and Parvinder's house, 'cause they're cool. We're making an offer tonight.



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