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Friday, July 09, 2004

Mai Tai!

I don't drink. Maybe once a year I'll have a half-pint of cider. If Forest is serving up midnight margaritas, I might have one, or I might have him make me a virgin one. Only once have I ever had enough to drink to be even remotely tipsy, and that was really not particularly tipsy, just slightly warm.

About a week ago I made a comment about Bill's Tiki cup in his office. This led to his expressing a genuine love and appreciation for things Tiki. As luck would have it, he'd never been to Trader Vic's. At that moment, a plan was hatched, friends were invited, and an outing to Trader Vic's was scheduled for Thursday.

So we gathered, ate appetizers, and I decided to try a Mai Tai. After all, Trader Vic's is the birthplace of the mai tai. Turns out, contrary to my experience with most alcohol, I actually liked the taste. It was a perfect blend of flavors with a lovely texture of slightly crushed ice. I liked it so much I drank two. Yes, me. The one who never drinks.

So, for the first time in my 30 years, I finally experienced something in the range of tipsy to drunk. Face warm, head heavy, unsure about navigating the stairs to the bathroom, it turns out, I'm a happy drunk. You'd have to ask others for further assessments - Paul, Karen, Rick, Lee, and Bill can all give you a report - but it was nice to finally have a real frame of reference for that feeling which I have so long avoided. It's not something I expect to experience again anytime soon, but all in all, it didn't suck.

So after drinks and calamari and roasted garlic on sourdough and crab rangoons, I ran off to Anne's clothing swap. I got the perfect Chinese jacket and a shirt that is so classically me that when I showed it to Rick, he was surprised I didn't own it before. And I'm all sober again, and well watered, and off to bed since I still have to work tomorrow. And go to the dentist to get a filling replaced. And go house hunting with the realtor. Y'know, I'm a crazy busy girl. Sleep now!


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