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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

May you have an interesting life...

The gypsy's curse has me.

Our counter on the Stokes place was countered again, and we're considering it. I'm just not sure about that place. Meanwhile, we went and looked at the cutest little house ever this weekend. Okay, maybe not ever, but certainly the cutest little house in our price range. It's all kinds of cute and funky. It's a perfect analog to me. And I want it. So we put the Stokes folks on hold for 24 hours, and put in an offer on the 21st property. They're reviewing (multiple) offers on the place today at 2pm. I should know by 5. Making that all happen yesterday afternoon involved trying to track down Rick for his opinion, getting a hold of the mortgage broker to compare the monthly payments, and then rushing down to the realtor's office to fill out the offer paperwork.

That done, I headed back to the office. Paul called and said he needed me to teach the intermediate class tonight. I called Rachel to make sure she was going to make it. She said Jeremy had called her and said the pub was closed. I arrived a few minutes later, and yes, it was closed. I called the Mountain View location, and they said that a decision had been made on Sunday to close it, and that Des had tried to contact me. Des called back a bit later and said that he'd forgotten to call and he was really sorry. I offered to take the party to Mountain View. He said he'd talk to the owners about doing that, but they weren't ready for us tonight. I franticly called around to the non-locals and told them not to make the drive. The sixteen of us assembled headed over to the square at State and Main. There was a power outlet, and Rachel offered her boombox and we danced for 3 hours. The band was the best it's ever been - Matt on rhythm guitar, Fritz on whistle, Jonah on marimba, Grahm on banjo, and Crystal on bass guitar. The weather was perfect. The location was fine. The passers-by were entertained (and even dove in and danced). And the cops never came by and told us not to do it. It was pretty cool. And just a little sad. Ultimately there were about 20 dancers and five musicians. At the end, I headed home and showered. My little dream is a little dead. Maybe it can be revived, but for right now, the South Bay Ceili is no more. It was a really fun four months.

But, if we get the little yellow house, the ceili will be revived - in my garage. Technically the building out back is a garage, but in reality, it's got a sliding glass door on it. Just add a little sheetrock, and a little wood flooring, and voila: my own dance studio. Here's hoping new dreams come true.



  • Hey, everybody's buzzing over on LJ about possibly doing the outdoor thing again; the dream is still alive!

    If you want help on this, I know lots of us would be happy to pitch in trying to arrange the logistics. If you feel like we're crowding in and taking it out of your capable hands, just say so, but know that folks share your dream and want to keep it around.

    By Blogger mythago, at 12:37 PM  

  • Y'know, I'd be up for it, but the little plaza wasn't the best venue necessarily because of the brick and concrete combo. If we could find a better spot in Los Altos, I'd be all for it. Also, I'm in no way married to Los Altos. Anywhere in the South Bay/Peninsula is fine with me. It was pretty impressive how many people just walked up and wanted to watch or even join in.

    Anyway, I have no issues with others taking on some organizational fu. Heaven knows I haven't the time right this second to keep up. When things get settled with the real estate stuff today, then I'll feel like I can start thinking about that, but in the meantime, I'm just too frazzed on other fronts. Feel free to dive in and collect info. The last thing I want is for the ceili to go away.

    By Blogger Ammy, at 1:43 PM  

  • Ohh 21st St. house looks pretty. More bright paint that I would want but you're not me, and even so that can be changed once it's yours. The backyard and 'workshop' look wonderful. Terrific for dances, entertaining or just reclining on a chaise

    By Blogger Chris S, at 2:27 PM  

  • The photo for the Stokes place looks like a commercial building - is that what the complex actually looks like?

    Good luck with getting a house - I'm going to need some too, to buy this house. Offers are due in by 9am friday.

    By Blogger Anthony, at 8:42 AM  

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