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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Okay. That's it. I call a do-over.

So far this week:
Fred has had to deal with nightmare scenarios with the INS (actually, the department formerly known as the INS) because he apparently needs his Green Card renewed even though it doesn't have an expiration date or any sort of statement saying so. Said nightmare scenario culminates with getting to the INS office at 3am to get a spot in line to get a temporary Green Card, where he waited til 7 to get a chip, then was told he was at the wrong office because he lived in Union City, then he managed to salvage it by producing a driver's license with his old San Jose address. Then he got to wait another five hours.

Kevin's grandmother has found out she had terminal cancer, and died.

Rachel has lost custody of Katie.

My ceili got preempted. And I apparently lost my mind.

Christyn had another blackout.

David's car got broken into and his radio and camera stolen.

Other smaller disasters have been numerous and have affected many, and yet have been marginalized by the huge roiling crisis points in the lives around them.

I don't know what's wrong with the world this week, but all of the forces of the universe seem to be conspiring to make sure everyone has a really crappy week. Again, I say MULLIGAN!

Beyond that, the emotional burden has been heavy. I feel sad for so many friends right now. Things just aren't going well. But next week will be better. Just got to get through tomorrow.


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