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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Reclaiming My Day

So yesterday was kind of a drag. Then I went to a meeting with my financial analyst and a mortgage broker and we broke down EXACTLY what I could afford in the way of a house. Truly, with a fixed term mortgage, which is the only sane thing in my opinion at the moment, $420k is the absolute limit, and $400k would be much more comfortable. So, back to the drawing board. There were lots of things I could find for $400k 6 months ago. Now, not so much. Eh, such is life. So, I muddle forward, continue saving like a mad fool, make sure I hang on to the 10% down, and watch and wait. The other thing we went over were the various programs available to first time home buyers, and ultimately confirmed all of my suspicions - these are not for me. That's okay.

So then we resurrected the evening plans, having Rick check on if tickets were still available at the Century theater on Shoreline. In fact, we had our choice of a 7:30 or 8pm (or any later) show, so chose the 8pm, got great seats with no fuss and no waiting in line, and saw Spiderman. Sure, it wasn't with Kev and friends, but it was with Rick and it was still a good movie. The only nitpick I have about it is that the foley artist should've been fired. There were several incongruous sound effects, the worst of which was a sort of ~schwing~ sound when Harry picked up a still sheathed knife off it's stand. Foley is the art of making the right sounds at the right moment. The best foley artists are never ever noticed. I noticed this one on a number of occasions. Oh well. But overall, really fun movie, really well told story, and enough story to make it worthwhile.

And now - July!


  • If you can qualify for $400,000 and have 10% down, you're doing better than lots of other poeple I know.
    I checked on mortgages rates just out of interest. The mortgage broker offered me a $300,000 interest only loan, that was adjustable every 6 months (no fixed period). I had to tell her no, because I could barely afford the initial payment, by next year I would have been in serious trouble due to the interest rate increases. Maybe later.
    Check with the cities in your area, some give first time buyers cash for down payments.
    Oakland give first time home buyers $50,000 credit towards down payments, if they buy in Oakland.
    Both Sunnyvale and Menlo Park have programs for first time homebuyers,

    By Blogger Chris S, at 1:18 PM  

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