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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Ceili... still breathing!

So after talking to Ted Garrett at the Los Altos Village Association, and hearing his enthusiastic support for the thought of continuing the ceili, I called a "Game on!" and sent email to the troops inviting them to another Tuesday of dancing, again at the plaza at State and Main in Los Altos.

So come out and play! We're going to be dancing again, probably from about 7-10. I recommend bringing sneakers (because they're more durable and cushiony than the average dance shoe) and a sweater (because my calendar says it's August, but I just can't believe it right now).

We're hoping the band can join us, but on 24 hours notice, I dare not count on it. If there's music you've been dying to dance to, feel free to bring the CD. If the crowd at 7 is interested, I may try teaching a quick fun dance to those assembled early, but only if they're willing to put up with my total inability to tell right from left.

Ted has asked for a summary of what we do and how it works so that he can find us a winter home. He wants us to stay in Los Altos. I don't know what it is we're doing here anymore, but this ceili will not be killed by normal means. It will require total disinterest on the part of the participants for it to melt away. We'll see what we've got after this week.


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