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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Getting It Done

I'm getting closer on all the details. So far, I have:
- arranged for a U-Haul truck on September 4th, pickup at 1:30.
- gotten a new phone service for the house and phone number and disconnected the old service.
- tried to arrange DSL, but that has to wait until 3 days after the phone line is installed.
- gotten cable and cable internet disconnected from the old place and new cable service at the new place and found out where to drop off the old cable modem when it's time.
- set up PG&E and arranged disconnection at the old place.
- arranged water, sewer, and garbage at the new place.
- gotten homeowner's insurance, flood insurance, and new car insurance and contacted my former agent to arrange cancellation of my old insurance
- gotten my Oppenheimer and ING Funds transferred to Wells Fargo to get a big big check for close of escrow.
- signed off on all the loan paperwork.
- re-registered to vote.
- sent a change of address notice to the post office.

I think I'm almost done. We're planning a walkthrough next Wednesday. I need to get a cashier's check to the title company next Monday or Tuesday. A week from Friday, I'll have keys to my home. Home home home. Hooray.

So what am I forgetting?


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