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Monday, August 30, 2004

Life as a Homeowner

I felt like a real homeowner this weekend, spending my entire day working around the house yesterday. I cleaned out the kitchen cabinets in preparations for moving in this weekend, installed a bathroom cabinet and a screen door on the back, and shopped at Home Depot while the boys were under the house strapping the foundation and out moving shelves in the garage.

Some things are good. Generally the neighborhood is very quiet and neighborhoody, with kids playing and such. The house is lovely inside. I'm much looking forward to decorating and settling in.

Some things are kinda bad. There's some bugs - specifically one nasty cockroach in the bathroom, and some termites, mostly in the garage. The garage has pretty major issues. It really needs to be torn down, a proper foundation laid, and a new garage built. This will likely need to happen in the next couple of years. Meanwhile, we need to decide if it's better to let the termites and such eat it, or if we should stop them. Stopping them won't keep them from coming back. Stopping them won't fix the foundation (or lack thereof) that will likely let water into the garage with every storm. Anyway, that's a bridge to cross soon. For now, I just have to get through Dickens Fair, and then I can start thinking of such things. Right now, there's moving, and Emily's wedding, and Justin's wedding, making time for Baby Sonia, and Fezzis rehearsals, and more and more. Come January, I can look into what it would cost to build a new garage or new garage with flair. This week, I need focus on packing boxes.


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