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Monday, August 02, 2004

Life Maintenance, Janelle Cookies, and Other Social Goodness

So with the Home Inspection today, and a doctor's appointment, the half day I'd planned to take off stretched into a full day with about 2 hours working from home. Those two hours were productive, but getting the rest of my life tamed was very liberting. Stupid stuff, like getting my oil changed: done. It's amazing how a little thing like that can bug you for a few weeks, knowing you need to make time during business hours, but just can't get to it. Now I don't have to have that on my horizon for 3 months. Now I feel more like really diving into work tomorrow.

Add to that housesitting for Janelle and Frank this weekend. Janelle has a way of making every space around her feel serene and comfortable. She's able to make other people's flotsam into art. And then there's the baking. There's nothing better than walking into a place and finding Janelle bread and cookies waiting for you. And they have the two most loving adoring kitties ever. Calypso and Caliban spent the better part of the weekend curled up with us one way or another. By the time we were leaving Sunday, I was feeling so refreshed.

Add to that an afternoon hanging out with my 7th grade boyfriend, Mark, who is still in the Marines after 12 years, about to be shipped back to Iraq. He's looking at 8 more years in, because after that he gets to retire with 50% of his salary. It's a pretty sweet deal, if you survive. I hope he does. It was a very mellow afternoon, with a late breakfast at Ole's Waffle Shop, followed by hanging out at Frank and Janelle's place and having tea. Mellow goodness.

Saturday night was Arthur's Mystery Dinner, where we got to pick what three items we wanted in each course, five courses total. Simple enough, except they're all coded with a mystery word. And little things like your utensils count as a selection. So, for the first course, I got zuchinni, a fork, and a spoon. I also got two courses with no utensils. Mashed potatoes without utilsils is a challenge.

Finally, Sunday was capped off at Ariyana's housewarming party. Her paella is divine. Her sofa is the snuggliest ever. And hanging out with friends is always a special pleasure.

And now, for my dinner fixin's from Cosentino's. Yummy fresh made Sicilian sausage and pasta and mizithra cheese and broccoli. Yay!


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