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Sunday, August 22, 2004

More Packing... and a dress!

Cyrus and Athena came to help us with packing today. We had breakfast, and then Athena and I split off to do one round of hunting for her dress. The Ammy/JessicaMcClintock synergy occurred on cue and Athena got her dress, a one-of-a-kind sample, originally marked $332, which the clerks said, "Oh, that's one is $115." We gasped. Then the clerk said, "Plus 40% off." Athena had already decided it was the one. For less than $75 she found a dress she totally loved. I had picked out a purple lace confection which turned out to be a mere $26, and Athena bought it for me as a thank you for finding her dress. It was one of those magical moments of dress glory. I saw someone else trying it on, thought it had potential, saw them return it, and went out and grabbed it while Athena tried something else. She'd seen it on the rack, but passed it over because of one feature we're going to alter. I made her try it on, promising to ignore the horrific gold and rhinestone with an enormous fake pearl centerpiece buckles on it. It fit well and screamed "Wow!" so we gave the place one more pass. On second try, she succumbed to the power of the dress and screamed, "I'm going to wear this dress at my wedding!" and hugged me and burst into tears. It is a totally cool dress, save for the buckles, but those can be removed, and the back taken in a smidge and voila - gorgeous couture on a pauper's budget.

And then we came home and packed the rest of the downstairs. Glamour, glory, and boxes. Yep, it's been a good day.


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