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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Shoulda Stood In Bed

Ever have those days where things just don't go as planned. Yep, having one of those.

I had considered working from home today, and I'm relatively certain that had I done so, I would've gotten at least as much work done. Probably a lot more. Today has been a day of computer issues, and a new and special issue with my VOIP phone. These VOIP phones have been rather a nuisance since they arrived, and today's special trick involves having every button dial a 7. When I press the headset button, it dials 7. When I press 0, it dials 7. When I press Quit, it dials 7. When I press the speaker loudness button, it dials 7. I submitted a HelpSU request three hours ago. Meanwhile, I keep trying to do things, like check my voicemail. No can do. Call Paula to help her with her request for support. No can do.

Meanwhile, what I'm supposed to be doing is creating a WBT course for Non-Medical eProtocols. That didn't happen today. I've gotten the CSS mostly done since Key never sent me their CSS (and I do so love recreating work!) and I finished the Introduction page. Now I just have to create all the content. And the system walk-throughs. Bleh. Too much to do, and too many distractions and nuisances.

And now it's time for Ceili teaching. I'm on my own again tonight as the fearless leader. Rachel is busy with school and Paul has to work late, so it's all me. And weeeeeeeee!


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