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Monday, August 09, 2004

Stanford - Not your average college town

Sometimes Stanford catches me off guard. This is not a real college. Real colleges have funk. Stanford ain't got no funk.

At Berkeley, it's funky. It's got rows of trailers serving student food on the stupid-cheap. Spud Brothers was a ritual. Roach shack sushi for less than $5 was good. I personally loved the Sauteed Pork in Garlic Sauce with fresh steamed brocolli on the side for $4. It was food for at least two meals, and it was SOOOOOO good. I've never found it's equal at any price.

Stanford doesn't have that. Getting lunch for less than $5 seems to be totally impossible. $5-8 is common, and several places, getting lunch for $8-12 is more like it. This is on campus, mind you. You know, where the students are supposed to be starving and all. But apparently, starving students don't go to Stanford.

Instead, I went to the cancer center today to train a nice lady on the new research protocol system. There's a valet stand out front and a guy in a white coat and bow tie parking cars. The valet was better dressed than the one outside Spago. I just... I mean... a valet! Wog. On the one hand, it makes sense - cancer patients, too weak to walk far, valet service. But to charge $8 for valet parking just somehow seemed completely ridiculous.

Stanford. Go figure.


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