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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Unnaturally Awake

So we stayed up with the kitties in Alameda again last night. Caliban wins for happiest to see me. I showered up, and climbed into bed to read for an hour or so while Rick surfed on his laptop. Caliban climbed onto me and demanded snuggles. I'm really willing to oblige when a cute kitty is purring himself senseless in this demand. Meanwhile, Calypso climbed into Rick's lap to demand attention from the other available human. Both are incorrigibly cute.

This morning we rose at 6 to leave them by 7 and head back to the peninsula. I was surprised at how quickly we got here. It really is only about a 40 minute drive from Alameda. Go figure. Going via 92 to 280 instead of 880 to 84 seems to have made a big difference.

And now I'm at work, having already consumed my morning bucket of coffee and breakfast, ostensibly ready to be productive at 8:30. It's really odd. Hmm.


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