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Friday, August 13, 2004


So a lot of folks I know are getting married.

Cyrus and Athena announced their wedding in May. I'm going to be a bride's maid. This will likely involve a lot of sewing and shopping over the next few months.

Emily and David announced their wedding in October. Emily called yesterday and asked if I wanted to participate. Looks like it's me and Elizabeth there. So the wedding machine cranks into overdrive. With a short planning schedule, this will be exciting and busy, but it's a good thing.

Also, there's Justin and Monica's wedding. There's is the weekend immediately before David and Emily's wedding. At this point, all I need to do for that one is show up and bring a neat present. I'm pretty sure that as things get closer, they'll need some last minute help, and I'm more than happy to assist there.

But suffice to say that with 3 weddings on the horizon, 2 of which I'll be participating in heavily, I'm going to be very busy with other people's major life events. It seems like lately everyone has to pick a major life event - have a baby, get married, or buy a house. Pick one. Mice and Wendy will be the next to cross the finish line, unless baby-mice is running late. Then I might close escrow before their little girl arrives. I signed off all the loan papers yesterday, so it's just a walk through in a week and finishing insurance (today I hope) and we're ready. We close August 27, my mom's birthday. And then it's all weddings all the time!!!!


  • Athena & Cyrus?!?!?! Missed that annoucment.

    Congrats to them.

    Yeah, I hear you though. I also have other friends (different circles) doing the same. But none that I'm participating in (thank goodness).


    By Blogger Zhaneel, at 12:24 PM  

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