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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Being an Only Child Isn't So Bad

So I've always liked being an only child. In recent years though, I've heard several friends saying that they're planning to have two, because it would be better for the child. I don't know where this mythology started, but it just isn't true. I directly attribute my self-sufficiency and my non-violent tendencies to not having siblings. It looks like research may agree with me. It says "studies show that only children tend to do better in school, especially in science, math, and literature, have more friends, and are more flexible about gender roles than kids in larger families." Well, that certainly describes me. Guess I'm a classic only child.

About the only downside as far as I can tell is that I never learned how to physically fight. I didn't have a brother or sister to torture me, so it never became a part of my reality. I can take a self-defense course to make up that gap though.


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