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Monday, September 27, 2004

House Warmed

The house warming was a success. Through no small heroic efforts, we managed to get the place generally presentable. Actually, the living room looks great. The kitchen has 2 pictures hung, and the bedroom has one box hiding in the closet. Just don't open the closet in the spare room. That would be bad. Rick strung some white lights around the deck, which looks positively charming. It feels a little like home now.

Part of the reason I scheduled the housewarming when I did was that I knew I'd go insane if the unpacking thing went on for too long. Now we're up to minimum functionality, and we can keep adding on from here. The garage will be unpacked slowly. There will be a massive garage sale. There are still a million things to do around the house, including hanging picture rail so that we can have pictures on the walls of other rooms too. Plus there's wiring for cable. And the attic. And... and... and...

But anyway, folks started arriving around noon, and several shifts filtered through during the course of the day. Old friends reunited. New friends were made. Sausages were grilled and eaten. (The phrase of the day became "meat platter" since it amused Justin.) With Chicken Apple Sausage, Chicken Sundried Tomato Sausage, Polska Kielbasa, and Cheddarwurst, who would've guessed that the Cheddarwurst would be the big hit in this crowd? Not me, but they definitely were all gobbled up first. There was a little dancing, and a little musical revue from Rick's sister nieces. The kids enjoyed playing together. The adults shared some wine. Various groupings appeared all over the house, with people out surrounding the fire pit, and people chatting on the deck, and more folks in the kitchen, and another batch in the living room. Our next door neighbor brought over some freshly peeled and sliced prickly pear. She really is a great neighbor.

We did have one rather unexpected guest: a little ginger tabby kitten. While Rick was saying goodbye to his mom, the ginger tabby walked up and Rick tried to shoo him out of the street. When he put his hand down, the kitten rubbed up against it. Not being shooed, Rick picked him up to move him out of the way, and the kitten instantly wrapped an arm around each side of his neck and began purring furiously. Meanwhile, I'm chatting in the kitchen and someone says, "Rick has a cat he wants you to see." I walk out, most puzzled, and am handed a little lost kitten. We got him a can of tuna out of the cupboard, and he proceeded to suck it all down, and still be hungry for more. He has a little purple and white flea collar, but he's clearly a bit lost. The flea collar is sort of old and cracked and sunbleached, and I think he may have been on his own for a while. We eventually set him down and let him head off, but he didn't go far, so we picked him back up and took him inside, fearing for a car coming too fast down the street. More tuna, and a trip to 7-11 for kitty litter, and little Pixel stayed the night.

Today, Rick headed off to Athena's party, and I went off to the Pixies concert. Pixel was waiting for us when we got home. Much additional cuddling ensued, plus some Friskies and Kitten Chow. Now he's curled up on my pillow, ready for bed. Tomorrow we're posting "Found Kitten" fliers and I've already listed him on Craig's List. Maybe he has a home with people who miss him a lot. If so, we'll cheerfully turn him over, but if not, he's definitely welcome here.


  • I wondered how the kitty turned out. I thought it was neat/weird that he turned up during your housewarming. I hope that everything turns out for the best for little Pixel.

    By Blogger Zhaneel, at 9:07 AM  

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