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Thursday, September 16, 2004

In other news...

Things are coming off the list faster than they're going on. I finished the last quirky bug in the Non-Medical eProtocol tutorial yesterday. I posted it and sent it to the business owners. So far, their comments have been light. I changed one sentence. It's designed to mimic the look and feel of the system so that the users get a little used to the navigation before having to actually do it in the system. The two walk throughs both turned out pretty well.

Last night I headed up to Cynthia and Alex's place and hung out with them. Cynthia was having a bad plumbing day, but still managed to have my bodice beautiful and ready for fitting when I arrived. After some debate and failed phone calls to two different pizza joints, Cynthia played the "stir crazy" card and we all went out for dinner at Buffalo Bill's Brewpub. It was yummy, and watching two women ride herd on a 2 year old, staying one step ahead of him without his ever noticing was also highly entertaining.

Cynthia never ceases to amaze me. She's equally good with a drill or a sewing machine. She seems to have a super-human ability to stay on top of work, parenting, house projects, personal projects, and still have time to do more to help out friends. We got back from dinner, and Alex helped fix the pleats in my underskirt. Cynthia went to town on the bodice to do the finishing touches. By 11:30, I was dressed in piles of lace and bows, completely ready for the ball and looking finer than I thought possible. We also got to watch a couple more episodes of Firefly. There's one or two more I want to see again before the weekend, but that's what planes are for, right? Oh wait, planes are for sleeping? Or planes are for talking with the friends going with you? Or planes are for playing card games? Oh nutbunnies. Again, there's not enough hours in the day, but with luck, planes will be for a short nap, and time for the rest as well.

Looks like I'm actually going to survive this week. Now I'm in the home stretch. By the time of the party, I should be almost back to my regularly scheduled level of insanity.


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