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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Melt Down

Finally reached that point. Too much. There are too many things competing for my immediate attention.

First there's work. This week I must finish creating the online tutorial for Non-Medical Human Subjects eProtocols. I'm about half way there and there's another 16 or so hours of work to do on it. By tomorrow I need to have screen shots of the HR Web Forms System for a discussion I'm leading. I also need to document the web forms design this week. That's a lot of work, not counting time for meetings. Oh, and my boss just announced he took a job at Genentech and will be leaving the 24th.

Then there's the house. Things aren't to a basic functional level yet. I just got some really bad news about the water heater. It's going to cost about $600 to install instead of $249, plus it can't be installed right now because it's venting into a wall instead of venting somewhere outside. Apparently the home inspector missed this, or it would've been made an issue during escrow. Now it's my problem. So, my water heater went from a $700 project to a $1500 project. Oh, and it needs to happen right away. We bug bombed the garage on Monday night and apparently it killed off one generation. There's lots of roach bodies. Getting it ready for the bombing meant being up til 2 unpacking all essential items one box at a time with a thorough bug check. For stuff I didn't know where to put it, I couldn't put it in a box in the garage, so my kitchen counters are thoroughly covered in stuff.

Cable was supposed to be installed Sunday but there's a problem with the wiring. They're going to try again today. DSL is also supposed to go in today. We'll see how that goes. I don't know anyone whose DSL was set up right the first try.

We'd been under the impression that my dad was off to Florida for a few weeks. Turns out they didn't need him after all, so he's coming down this weekend to keep working on the house. I was really looking forward to taking a little break this weekend. Not happening. Instead it'll be me monkeying around the attic running wires and pipes since I'm the only who fits through the hole.

Finally, there's the other demands for my attention. I've got to find a new home for the ceili. I don't know when I'll do that. I can't envision a free evening to go check out a venue, let alone manage the process of introductions and negotiations with a potential host, but we're fast running out of summer so something has to happen right away. Also, there's the Browncoat's Ball, which I still have to spend one more night sewing for and for which I must finish and send the music CD. It's about a week away. Then there's Emily's wedding where I'm supposed to be planning and arranging a shower and a bachelorette party on October 9th. Then there's Dickens Fair which is starting to rear its head and demand my time.

And ultimately, I'm so tired. I've been getting four to six hours of sleep a night and I can't keep going, but if I don't, something really important will fall apart and make a bigger, more time consuming problem for me. So I'm stuck. And that's why when Rick told me about the water heater, the one thing that I thought would be as simple as "hire guy to bring it and install it and take the old one away", I started crying. There's no room for adding one more thing, and now there's lots more added in.


  • That's a lot of stuff. Maybe it's time to prioritize and delegate a little. Ceili still has some sun left and perhaps other people can do preliminary scouting.

    Cable and DSL are kinda the installer's prob and maybe Rick could help make sure that goes alright.

    You can still take some time off on the weekend and have some time to do house repairs with your Dad

    Ideas that might help

    By Blogger Chris S, at 11:10 PM  

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