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Friday, September 10, 2004

My Friends are the Best

So this weekend, my friends came and picked up all of our crap, loaded it into a truck, and unloaded it at the other end. This was very cool. Many huge thank yous go out to them (except for the one person who packed Rick's bagpipes at the bottom of a large box, damaging them. He's very sad about that.)

Karen and Athena were amazing, staying in a state of perpetual motion throughout a very hot, tiresome day. Auntie and her truck rocked. She fetched the old sofa from Lee's place, and after the truck break down, went back with us at 10pm to go fetch some important things that hadn't made it in the first load. Cynthia was a master with packing up the last of our bedroom, and being able to tell us just where she had packed things later. Sean and David were amazing in their ability to heft large objects repeatedly without complaint. My mom started the kitchen cleaning. Elizabeth and Fred and Malaya all helped too. Emily helped direct traffic and tried not to injure her poor shoulder further. All in all, there were many hands to make lighter work.

Meanwhile, this week, Fred has completely saved me twice. Once by looping a Spanish Waltz track so that it will repeat sufficiently for the ball, and then again by fixing a bug in my html that was causing the javascript to fail. He's one of those folks you can always count on to drop what they're doing to help in a moment of need. It's been so great to have him as a friend for all these years.

And then there's Cynthia and Alex. When I started to crack on Wednesday, Cynthia leapt in and offered to help me finish my ball gown bodice. Then Alex said she'd come down Friday night to help unpack.

Meanwhile, there's the other friends who couldn't help with all this because they're busy being amazing in other ways. We've got to get back up next week to see Mice and Wendy. Sonia is growing fast, and mom and dad need more fridge food, and we don't want to miss any of it. Lizzie and Jeff are marching forward into their new lives, having found a nice place in Vallejo. Lizzie starts teaching just as soon as her fingerprints clear.

Elizabeth sent a perfect email to Emily's mom to arrange the wedding shower. Now we just need a guest list so we can send Evites.

Ultimately, this is just a long entry to say that I really really appreciate my friends. They're all amazing. We work hard to take care of each other and the result is a feeling of security in the midst of life chaos. Even if everything goes nuts, I'll be able to fall back on them, and know there's many hands to catch me.


  • did you move both last week and this week ?

    This seems to eb the week for truck breakdowns. I help Jay and Kimberly from Pryanksters move today. After loading the 17ft U-Haul with a fridge,washer, dryer, 2 couches, 2 beds and lots of boxes, it breaks down 10 minutes into the drive. There's a huge pool of transmission fluid on the ground and the tow truck takes more than 2 1/2 hours to arrive, because not just any tow truck can move a fully loaded 17ft u-haul truck.

    By Blogger Chris S, at 2:09 AM  

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