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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Still standing

Okay, starting to feel human again. It’s terribly likely I’ll finish the eProtocol tutorial tomorrow. I’ve just got to capture one walkthrough, activate the next and previous buttons, and put hot spot links on the Funding image. It’s very nearly done. I got through my first HR Subgroup meeting today. It sucked, but I had the basic screen shot document I needed. We got through some good work on the Supplemental Pay web form. Unfortunately, I’m coming to the conclusion that there’s no way to produce anything truly useful in the way of web forms. There are several immoveable political objects walling things in. Then there’s people’s inability to think beyond exactly how they do things right now. Between those two major forces, what we produce will be a perfect compromise that will do nothing but add a layer of work to an already stressed audience. Sigh.

My dad is coming tomorrow to be my handyman. He’s got major plans for the attic and the garage. First I’m hoping he can do some more basic things like install the garbage disposal. My dad has been a real champ, and as long as we can avoid discussing the upcoming election this weekend, we’ve got a real shot at getting along with one another through several days. He keeps teasing me about supporting Kerry though. These conversations never go well.

Unpacking is coming along slowly but surely. I caught a glimpse of my counter tops tonight. Soon I hope to be able to walk into my bathroom rather than tiptoeing around boxes.

DSL is hooked up. Cable is nominally working. It’s running into Rick’s room only right now. The reception sure is a hell of a lot better than in Mountain View. Now we just need to get it out to the living room, because so help me, Tivo and I have a date some night in my future. Of course, more important may be making a date with Paul to catch up on some West Wing. Mmmm… post Zoe kidnapping episodes. Hooray!

Ticking things off the list makes me feel good. I got the CD shipped to Chicago for the Ball. I have Cynthia coming (many thanks Ali-Mama!!) to help me finish my bodice on Sunday night. I’m going to unpack costumes tomorrow night and try to find stuff for the trip. I know my new hoop skirt has to be here somewhere, but where?!?! I think I’ll be ready to hop a plane next Friday, and I’m so looking forward to a weekend away from anything house related.

Oh, and I love my new living room. It’s very comfortable. I love the wall color. I love the wood floors. And I love Elizabeth’s rug on my floor.


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