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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Tick. Tick. Tick.

I'd be nowhere without my friends and family. Alex came down Friday night and helped to further unpack. All of my clothes are hung or sorted into the garage sale pile. Shoes and linens are sorted but not put away yet.

On Saturday, I made my first whack at the yard. The pruning shears my mom got me are working like champs, except for this one weed with roots the size of my arm. Wog. That's going to take some serious hacking.

Saturday afternoon, Kev and Rachel helped me clean out the old place. Rachel is queen of the kitchen slayers. Kev helped Rick unload his room down to the garage. Rick still doesn't seem to get it that he just has too much stuff, but his sore muscles are still valiantly striving to get the message across. Of course, the cough in his chest is just saying "Stop already! Sheesh!" He's not listening to either very well.

Sunday we sent Rick off to get one more U-Haul to pick up the last of his stuff. Meanwhile, my dad started work on the towel bars and the garbage disposal. When the garbage disposal didn't have power, he went and checked on the patch panel. This led him to discover that one of the circuit breakers was wired dangerously wrong, with small 12 gauge wire running into a 40 amp circuit breaker. That's bad. So, a quick trip to OSH for two 15 amp GFCI breakers (at $45 apiece!!!) to replace it, and it was rewired in about 30 minutes. Burning the house down would've been bad. Let's not do that.

So then my dad headed out and Rick and I unloaded the U-haul until about 1am. Then we returned it. Then we slept. Then I got up and went to work. Oy. After work I headed out to Cynthia's place to work on my ball gown bodice for Saturday night. She decided that remaking it correctly would be faster/easier than finishing the one that was in progress. So we started that. She's got Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off, and was planning to sew anyway, so she's going to march forward on this one. Got home about midnight, and then shower and sleep and more work.

If I can just survive this week, it will start to be better. This week is the crucible. Friday morning I fly to Chicago, and between now and then, I have to work with Cynthia to finish the bodice, pack for the trip (including music and instructional notes), put away the linens and shoes so that my dad has somewhere to sleep when he returns on Thursday, surrender keys to the old place and do a final walkthrough, teach the ceili, dye my hair, and work (especially finishing the tutorial and the web forms documentation). Just trying to keep my head down and not get sick. It's possible. I might make it. I'm just not confident yet. Something tells me I may be asleep on the plane.

But when we arrive in Chicago, one of the organizers is picking us up at the airport. I'm really looking forward to this. Or at least I will be when I get there. Right now, I'm just barely keeping head above water, and I'm so thankful for each person that is helping to keep me afloat.


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