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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Vanity Fair

Last night I had big plans for getting stuff done - either finishing my ball gown bodice or working on installing towel bars and more packing.

Then I emailed Athena to check on her schedule. She was exceptionally grumpy at Cyrus for having messed up her birthday plans. She suggested Vanity Fair. Pretty costumes? Lush cinematography? Reese Witherspoon? Gabriel Byrne? Sure! So off we went for dinner and a movie, and being the cool date I am, I had tickets for her by the time she made it to the restaurant, made sure she got a nice beer, pointed out the best item on the menu, and took her for ice cream after dinner. Suitably stuffed full of good food, good beer, and good ice cream, we were ready for the movie. The movie suffered the fatal flaw of most literary adaptations - trying to cram too much story into 2 1/2 hours - but it was pretty. Now we're more inspired to do big pretty costumes. Rich reds abounded.

And now back to my regularly scheduled sea of boxes.


  • I saw Vanity Fair tonight with a bunch of faire people.
    Costumes were neat. Catty-ness and social climbing figured big in the movie. Had an interesting take on happy ending.

    By Blogger Chris S, at 12:15 AM  

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