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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Apprentice 2

Remember when I went to try out for The Apprentice? We were interviewed in groups of ten. Most of the people in my group were the folks I'd hung out with all day. There were 3 people in the group I didn't know. There were two people in our group who impressed me. I'd known Stan since first thing in the morning, and he's a great guy. I met Pamela in the interview. For going forward, I recommended Stan, but I could've gone with Pamela just as easily, especially if Stan wasn't there. Both of them were clearly on the ball.

So for the first time, I tuned into The Apprentice 2 tonight. Watching the intro, I catch the list of candidates. There's a Pamela. In fact, there's THE Pamela. Rick goes online and confirms it.

So I've met one of this year's Apprentice candidates. She's a fireball, but man does she come off as a bitch sometimes. That was the other impression she gave folks in that interview. No nonsense. Kinda cold. Very successful in business. But yeah, bitchy at times. We'll see how she does. Meanwhile, I think I'll actually start watching it.

Oh, no wait. She's fired.


  • The link doesn't say she's fired, currently. But I believe you. Interesting to have met her.

    By Blogger Zhaneel, at 9:14 AM  

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