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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

A Washer and A Dryer

The washer and dryer that came with the house are less than ideal. They're old. The dryer has a lint trap the comes out the top and sprays lint everywhere as you try to empty it. The washer has an agitator that keeps going the same direction the whole time, and tends to wind up clothes. It's less than gentle. One beloved and delicate item got wound up and torn recently. I decided it's time to shop for a new washer and dryer.

Looking online at Craig's List, several things kept coming up. For between $600 and $1000, I could get a used Maytag Neptune set. But then I was reading the consumer Reports rating on those, and it turns out they have a disappointing repair history. Consumer Reports recommended a Kenmore Elite H3 or H4t. Then Rick pointed out that there was a Sears outlet that had recently opened in the Great Mall. Off we went on Sunday, thinking, "Oh we'll just look."

But there it was - an HE3t, whose only difference from the HE4t was that it only had 5 wash settings instead of 6 and was painted steel rather than porcelain on steel. There it was, staring at me for 40% off. Just one. Oh, and there's a $150 rebate for water efficiency too.

A snap decision was made. A lot of money was spent. A new washer was had. Rick picked it up yesterday, and we ran the empty load last night and it's first real load this morning using the delayed start feature (delays up to 14 hours). When I got up, it was cheerfully chugging away. I'd heard the door click to lock just after my alarm went off. Slosh slosh slosh. Clothes get clean.

My new washer sits next to my new dryer on one side and my new refrigerator on the other. My life has become very strange to me. I've never felt so thrilled about doing laundry. I've never been so interested in appliances. It's all so very odd, but I think it's a good thing. These purchases, though pricey now, are going to last a long long time.


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