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Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Dickens is here! I got my new hoopskirt at dress rehearsal on Sunday, and though it has the same quantity of bones as my last one, it's somehow much fuller. I truly resemble my name now. Ding-dong!

This had the odd misfortune that suddenly my skirt wasn't long enough. So last night I raced over to Athena's house and she helped me quickly make a new underskirt, this time of slippery fabric so hopefully the "snows of London" won't stick to it so darned much. I simply must get a groovy serger like hers. It's the best thing ever.

I found my hat, which is good, but I'm still on the hunt for a new one. Mine is old, dirty, and much abused. That will wait though.

On Sunday we did our first rehearsal of the Scrooge/Belle Renunciation scene. Apparently I did well, as several folks congratulated me on my strong performance afterwards, including my betrothed and both the directors separately. Yay! Nothing like that to add a little last minute confidence.

Now it's work and Thanksgiving. And then four weekends of Christmas-y goodness. There's a rumor that if the fair doesn't turn a profit this year that the organizers will be retiring it, so if you've ever wanted to go, go this year to ensure that there's a next year. I've got heaps of discount coupons so feel free to ask for one.


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