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Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Not only did Bush win, now he's got a solid majority to pass anything he wants through both the house and senate.

Much as I was so thrilled to see Gavin Newsome's attempt at normalizing gay marriage, I knew then and had it affirmed yesterday that it was the wrong battle at the wrong time. "Moral values" were cited as often as anything else as a reason for choosing a candidate. I'm not sure when bigotry and hate became a moral value, but okay, whatever. I mean, so what if two people who love each other get to have it recognized by the state? How does that destroy the moral fabric of America? Not having it legally recognized right now doesn't make their love or their relationships any less real. Sigh. I dunno. If only that battle had been waged this coming year instead of earlier this year. Of course, even as I thought that then and think it now, Martin Luther King's "Why We Can't Wait" echoes in my head. I know, I know, waiting for your rights is wrong. But I think this shining moment, this grand attempt to start a real discourse about gay rights in America has cost us four more years of Republican leadership, and may cost us several seats on the Supreme Court, and who knows what else. I'm not sad it happened, but I'm sad about the results. 11 measures banning gay marriage passed yesterday. Those Christian Conservative voters turning out helped push W over the edge.

Oh well. Four more years gives us four years of history with a full Republican power structure to prove that Republicans aren't really the "fiscal conservatives" they say they are. Who knows what kind of debt we'll have racked up by the end of it.


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