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Tuesday, December 21, 2004


The last weekend of Dickens was as great as the others. I've been running at top speed since Saturday morning. The fair was a crazy kind of crowded on both Saturday and Sunday. At around 1:45, I was looking out on the crowd, aiming toward a batch of customers, but then looking at the floor. Dave intercepted me and had me sit for a few saying, "No need to add to the melee just now." Very true, though there were customers waiting to dance. Oh well. Dragging them into that crowd wouldn't be fun. Thankfully, the Saturday crowds died down a bit in the late afternoon. We danced through the end of the night, and did carol out, which ran a bit long since the exit sweep parade got stuck waiting for some customers making purchases. Much singing later, we were told that 101 was a bit of a parking lot, so I headed the other way, down to 92, off to Gaskells. I made a quick stop at the Hillsdale Whole Foods for some hot supper and gas across the street. In the grocery store, so many people asked what I was dressed for. I always said Dickens Fair, even though I was in my evening ball gown. Responses varied from "Oh, I heard about that," to "Oh, is that now? I really wanted to go this year." It occurred to me that just touring a few grocery stores would be good advertising on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Anyway, finally on to Gaskells where I danced up a storm with lots of Fezziwiggers who I've been missing out on dancing with the past few weeks. At the end of the night, I actually considered going to Au Coquelait for afters, but though my body was up to it, my mind overruled, knowing that sleep was more important than food. Home for a shower and sleep and up again the next morning. I made it in time for the Major's on-time-treats. Then I still went down to Mr. Brown's for my last bowl of morning oatmeal with blueberries and chicken apple sausage and perfect coffee. Around 4 I had my last Scottish Meat Pie of the season. In between was a very strong scene with Fredrik that apparently actually brought tears to his eyes, partially for it's power, and partially because it was our last time. Next year, I will have a new Ebeneezer. I had a last dance with the Major and then we sung our way out. It was over, and there was nothing left to do but raise a few toasts and drink champagne. Long lingering goodbyes were the order of the evening. I don't think anyone wanted to go. Home at last, I took a long hot shower, and fell into bed, thoroughly asleep before I knew it. The next morning, I hopped up and headed back out again to help tear down the set. A dozen of us came to pull it all down. After that, I hoped to catch up with Lizzie, but didn't catch her, so I went Christmas shopping instead, catching a few more items. I ended the day with my first trip to the Plough for dancing in at least a year. It was really nice. I danced my heart out, very thankful for the Dickens Fair boot camp to build up my stamina. I got to see Forest's new car, and hear about Siannan's upcoming trip to see Thom in Germany. I drove home late, passing two freeway closures on the way home to start my post-Dickens time of year. Whew!

So today I've got an appointment with Dorothy and then off to visit the dentist. I'm wrapping up the day with catching up on a bit of West Wing while doing some mending. Tomorrow is last minute shopping and housekeeping, and then off to Sacramento for Christmas.


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