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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Dickens Second Weekend

Another great weekend of Dickens Fair. Saturday my mom showed up completely unexpectedly with her friend Nelda. Nelda seems a very interesting person. I danced an extra few sets and actually felt tired at the end of the day. I also had a great chat with Forest, catching up on the bits and pieces in his life. That night I drove home, fetching some quick burritos from Los Charros on the way, and curled up on the sofa to watch Star Wars on the really big screen. I had the digital projector from work for the demo I was doing on Monday, and we decided to try it out. We've been thinking about whether it would be best to invest in a larger tv, or to get an LCD projector instead. The projectors are actually proving cheaper in most cases these days. Well, after trying it out, projected against the vinyl shade in the living room window, I'm completely sold on the projector. Star Wars totally rocked. You could see the veins in Leia's hands. That's cool. Off to bed too late, but still made it in time the next morning.

Rick rode up with me on Sunday. I grabbed a bowl of oatmeal with a chicken apple sausage and a cup of coffee for breakfast from Mr. Brown's and made a reservation for tea at 2. I made it for 8, knowing that with Cyrus, Athena, Lee and Stacy visiting, we'd have 7, and then there'd be room for 1 more if the need arose. Turns out, Lee and Stacy brough Rachel Nador with them, so it was perfect. Tea at two for eight. The scones and egg mayonnaise sandwiches were perfect, and the tea was just the right refreshment. I bummed around shopping with Athena for a bit after tea, tried on several outfits for Cyrus, and finally headed back for more fun at the warehouse. Miss Lily got a 3 page telegram complete with a proposal from Mr. Kettle (you know, Thomas Kettle, or Mr. T. Kettle.). Mrs. Fezziwig swooned and I stepped in, noting that Lily is Mrs. Fezziwig's YOUNGEST Daughter. Mr. Kettle played along beautiful and cowered perfectly. Hoop skirts do have a way of making a five foot two person a little more intimidating. Mr. Kettle is good fun to play with too. We made more fun of it for the rest of the day. Also, I bumped into Miss Estella Havershim in the street, and talked her into tormenting the young barkeep at the Green Man. Poor young Thomas had a kiss on one cheek but not the other, so we marched over and remedied that. And then later, Mike put us up to taking care of his forehead too. I finished my day with learning a new segment of Stagecoach, getting kissed by both Ebeneezer's at once, and lofting cards for the Hallelujah chorus.

Taking Monday's off work is best and kindest thing I've ever done for myself. I came in today feeling like it was Monday after a nice relaxing weekend. I keep being surprised by people talking about work they did yesterday. What's funny is that I did come in and do that training yesterday. Still, leading a training demo is the best, easiest part of my work, and I'd happily do it on a Sunday.


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