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Friday, December 31, 2004

Manicure and Pedicure

Rick and I have had a rocky week. There was a little stew at Christmas and we just managed to work through it today. We decided to spend the day together to shake it off. We went to lunch at El Torito and treated ourselves to yummy tortilla soup. Then we went to find ourselves a pedicure. Neither of us had ever had one before. We went to a place on El Camino just north of San Antonio. Rick was a big hit. One woman remarked "You've inspired me to get my husband in here. So Rick now has blue toenails and mine are a shiny, candy-like red. It was so nice to have someone soak and care for and rub your feet. Then we got our fingers done too because, well, we're both trying to stop gnawing our nails again. I failed utterly on election night and it's been two months of gnawing. Rick's never made it out of nailbiting before, but he's been noticing his fingers look a bit unprofessional as he's working with the folks at his new job. So now we both have well groomed hands and feet. Then we treated ourselves to a slice of pie and coffee, and headed home to watch "Mean Girls" and "Little Miss Marker" while lounging in front of the fire on our new shieepskins.

Tomorrow is dedicated to finishing up the responsibilities - the last eProtocol tutorial, an oil change, laundry, another call to U-Haul (I'll update you later on that little drama), and oh yes - DANCING! Off to the Friday Night Waltz New Year's Eve Ball for 3 final hours of dancing in 2004.

Happy New Year!


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