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Friday, December 17, 2004

Working From Home

Sure, it's the last day before I get two weeks off, but there were no meetings today, so why drive in? I'm testing from here. I've gotten a lot of testing and fix done. And I have these occasional small breaks where the cat comes over and curls up next to me and purrs as I scratch him. After five or ten minutes, he gets up and wanders back to the other end of the sofa for a nap, but those little interludes are such a treat. He seems really happy today. Lately he's been a little put out because we don't want him to go play in the neighbors' yards and because Rick is back at work. I think a day home with me is just the ticket for him.

My Winter shut down won't be quite as shut down as last year. Mark will need me to test occasionally. I need to write up the job aids for Leave of Absence, Employment Update, and Termination. I've got to create a web based tutorial for Lab Animals eProtocols submitters. And if I'm feeling really generous, I'll also update the panel management job aids for Valerie. But the beauty thing is that in all that, I can do it from the comfort of my sofa, with feet up, in my pjs or overalls, with Pixel at my side. That doesn't suck.


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