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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Breszny Hits the Target

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): In his book, *Chronicles: Volume 1,* famed Gemini bard Bob Dylan claims that he never wanted to be the voice of his generation, let alone a prophet of protest leading a charge to overthrow the corrupt empire. "I really was never any more than a folk musician who gazed into the gray mist with tear-blinded eyes," he writes. "My deepest dream was a house on a tree-lined block with a white picket fence, pink roses in the backyard." I believe many of you Geminis will thrive in the coming nine months if you pursue a similarly modest path. Beginning next November, you may be called on to raise some beautiful and benevolent hell, but in the short run I advise you to bolster your foundations with tender loving care.

Hmm. I seem to have recently purchased a house on a tree-lined block and I'm planning to install a white picket fence to go with my pink roses in the front and back yard. So you're saying this year is about settling into my new lifestyle of home and garden and cat with fresh soup bubbling on the stove? Yah, okay.


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