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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Cough cough, continued

Okay, so this whole cough thing has officially gotten silly. A couple of days ago I called Kaiser, and they prescribed a codeine/guifenisen cough syrup. I took it Tuesday night, hoping for a long quiet sleep. Since everything has the opposite of the intended effect for the past week or so, I instead started coughing far more violently, and found myself wide awake until 2:30. Everyone at the office found that terribly surprising. For everyone else, codeine induces 1. drowsiness, and 2. less coughing. So I thought, well maybe that was just a fluke, and tried it again last night. Much coughing ensued and I ended up awake until after 2 again. I called Kaiser this morning to let them know that Plan A had failed utterly and ask what Plan B would be. I haven't heard back yet.

The cough thing wouldn't be that big a deal. It's just a cough. I'm not particularly sick overall. I feel fine otherwise. But I can't laugh. That's really starting to bother me. If I laugh, I am thrust into a fit of coughing. Can you imagine me not giggling for 2 weeks? I can't. It's just wrong.

Update at 5:30: Doctor thinks it's bronchitis, plus an asthmatic response. Going to pick up an inhaler on the way to ceili. He says that cough syrup does the same thing to him. Cool.


  • Someone else in the dance scene has the 'opposite' reaction to codeine stuff as well, I can't remember exactly who, but it's a problem when she goes to the dentist for stuff you get to get pain killers for.

    By Blogger Chris S, at 10:56 PM  

  • Codeine doesn't do much for me either way, but it does make me itch a little. While Jan and I were in New Orleans I had a cough that was so bad I cracked a rib. They did an x-ray to see if it was pneumonia and came back with "It's only bronchitis, but when did you break your ribs?" Heh.

    By Blogger Flonkbob, at 9:10 AM  

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