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Friday, January 28, 2005

Geography Quiz!

Can you place the states?


  • Geeze, you don't think it's enough that I remember what my house looks like at the end of the day? I love how they give you a squareish state from the midwest and say 'put it in place'. Ooooh, you missed you pathetic dweeb! My average error was 53 miles, but believe me it would have been much worse if I had been driving!

    By Blogger Flonkbob, at 3:18 PM  

  • That was pretty easy, though having to place Idaho, Nebraska, and Kentucky before any of their neighbors were in wasn't so easy - that's where I lost points.

    They could have made it harder by putting a few states up before their neighbors were in; pretty much everything on the coasts, the Mexican border, and the Canadian border, except Idaho, Montana, and North Dakota, were obvious.

    On the other hand, putting in the Mississippi River, the Ohio River, and the Continental Divide would make it comically easy.

    By Blogger Anthony, at 6:59 PM  

  • AVg error - 4 miles. I RULE. I was STILL pissed that it told me I was wrong on a couple of 'em. I mean really - close enough, don't you think?

    By Blogger BlackSheep, at 10:24 PM  

  • 73% 37 out of 50 right. Starting with Midwest states on a blank map is a tough one.

    By Blogger Chris S, at 1:05 AM  

  • I got 86% which isn't too bad for someone who lives on the other side of the world. All I can say is that whoever worked out the State boundaries must have run out of ideas when they got to Wyoming!

    By Blogger Andrew, at 3:11 AM  

  • Andrew -

    Wyoming and the other "square states" are worse than they look. The borders were established to follow integral degrees of latitude and longitude. The problem is that this was before longitude was standardised on Greenwich, so they're integral degrees west of the Naval Observatory in Washington, which is not an integral number of degrees west of Greenwich.

    South Dakota's border has an anomaly which doesn't show up on small maps - there's an east-west jog of about a mile on the western border, which runs nearly north-south. This is because the two survey teams missed, by a mile.

    By Blogger Anthony, at 1:06 PM  

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