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Monday, January 31, 2005


I could tell you how amazingly fabulous the Fezziwig's Cast Party was, or what a nice evening the little party was, but truly, the most noteworthy element of my weekend was learning to knit.

First, let it be said that Christyn is a very patient woman. She took on teaching six of us to knit at once and didn't actually accept any of the proffered alcohol to get through the day. We managed to learn how to cast on and how to do a basic continental knit stitch. Next time we get to learn binding off and pearling, but we were so not ready for that right now. We arrived at Janelle's with knitting needles and yarn in hand ready to give it a go. Rick had decided several weeks back that he wanted to learn how to knit so that he could make himself a thneed that didn't look like a boa. Somehow the combination of floofy scarf and kilt was a little too much for his manliness, especially when I'd ask him to hold my purse. So I come home one night to find him sitting on the toilet, and since I have no bathroom etiquette whatsoever, I struck up a conversation with him (he hates that). Meanwhile, he plastered the magazine he was reading against his chest, and then further attempting to hide it in the classic "Don't look! I'm reading porn!" posture known to every young man. Knowing Rick, I couldn't fathom why he'd do that because well, if he has good porn, he should share. So, completely puzzled, I pried. After several minutes of "Why do you need to know?" and "Mind your own business." I couldn't be dissuaded, so with a huff and a sigh, he produced the magazine in question: Easy Knitting. I don't know what I was expecting, but this definitely wasn't it. A fit of giggles commenced.

Anyway, so Rick has had this knitting plan for a little while. Then Lisa started a knitting circle on Thursdays for the Sac crowd, and the bay area denizens of the Barbarians decided they wanted in on that action, and Christyn volunteered to show us, so there we were, in Alameda learning to knit. Janelle, ever the wonder of the hearth, had prepared two soups (clam chowder and ciopino) from scratch, laid out several cheeses and breads with fresh basil and sundried tomato bruschetta sauce and a variety of home-baked cookies. Janelle still amazes me with her inestimable penchant for hostessing. With all of us wrestling with casting on, we finally started the actual knitting, and things went downhill. For some reason, I'm unable to knit without coming up with extra loops after most rows, usually 2 or 3 extra loops. That's bad. Nicole's stuff was looking the best, but even hers had the occasional random hole. Rick couldn't get past 3 or 4 rows without getting disgusted and unraveling it all to start over again. I asked, "People do this for fun?" Christyn assured me that they did. Our souls were salved with helpings of soup, coffee, hot bread, and cookies. After five hours, Rick and I had to head home to meet someone picking up the washer and dryer. Both of us had headaches from focusing too tight for too long and crampy hands, but we survived our first knitting lesson and plan to head back for more punishment in 2 weeks. I suspect that much like dance (and other physical activities) this will be fun after it makes sense to the muscles. When the brain is still overinvolved, it just feels like torture, but once basics are in the muscle memory, the rest will fall into place. We shall see. Suffice to say, I'm really glad that Corinne is planning to give me her first Hallowig, because any fantasies I had about making one are now post-dated at least a year, and probably go into the never pile.


  • i think the fact that I've just spent half an hour staring at patterns on knitty means I may have a need to knit as well. I'll have to start bribing Christyn and Jennifer and Krissy and my many other knit-a-holic friends to teach me. That story about Rick is friggin' hysterical, I might add. :D <--- big toothy grin!

    By Blogger BlackSheep, at 2:24 PM  

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