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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday

Had the day off yesterday for MLKjr. Day. I headed up to Berkeley to help Chris shop for glasses. It was such an advantage to shop for glasses with a camera and be able to compare after the fact with images that didn't lie, and then to be able to get lots of opinions on my choices. I thought I'd pass along the joy of that. Anyway, I was heartened to note that several places weren't open. Also, on my drive up, on the flashback lunch hour on live 105, the last track they played in the hour was the entirety of King's "I Have a Dream" speech. He knew. He knew he'd pissed off too many people and that they were coming for him. He kept saying, "I may not make it with you to the promised land" and the like. It still amazes me what he managed to set in motion. One of my favorite episodes of This American Life sums it up perfectly - "Did they kill him too?" Yeah, they did.

Finally, after yummy pizza at Extreme Pizza (mmm... Mr. Pestato Head), we headed off to the Plough. It was a very crowded evening, but it was nice, because when I arrived at 8, there were already lots of people to hang out with. I caught up with a bunch of friends and then dove into the dancing at 9. I got in one chutney, a couple of waltzes, and a High Caul Cap. Not much dancing, but it was okay. I knew it was crowded, and hey, as expected, it's much less important when it's just the thing you do at the end of the day rather than fighting an hour and a half of rush hour traffic to get there. It's nice. I've found a peace and a balance at the Plough again. I know I can only go when it's convenient, when I don't have to work the next day or that day, and it's just for seeing people, with a little dancing thrown in for fun. It's nice. The last three times I've been there have been very refreshing. Plus, there's a new bartender. Next time, I'll even bring in cash. Anyway, it was a nice day, with just enough deference to the celebrant.


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