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Sunday, January 16, 2005

A Sunday in January

Funny thing about being sick - you get some odd things done. It was a beautiful day today. I really wanted to get out to the yard and tear up a bunch of weeds. Still, the thought of exacerbating my cough with pollen and grasses and Round-Up seemed like a really bad idea. So, instead, I stayed in. Everyone keeps bugging me about lying down and being sick and resting, so I'm resting. And drinking lots of fluids. I've got a cocktail of 16 ounces of "I Love Lemon" tea and the fresh-squeezed juice of one orange that I've consumed once for every episode of West Wing I've watched today. I've got one episode of West Wing left to watch. After that, I'm totally caught up on West Wing. It's freakish. So yeah, I'm hydrated. I'm still coughing. I'd really really love to have some actual treatment that would fix this thing, but western medicine seems non-plussed by my cough. So, I cough, and I wait. And I watch a lot of tv. Oh, and I washed all the laundry. I do so love my new washer and dryer, and that is such an odd thing.

It's odd how very different my Sunday is today than a month ago. Very odd indeed. I miss the gang at Fezziwigs. I'm much looking forward to the cast party in a couple of weeks. You know those moving sidewalks in the airports? If you go walking along those at a brisk pace, then you step back off onto the regular walkway and the world stops passing you at the amazing rate, and you feel like you're walking very slowly, even though you're still going at the same pace. That's what a Sunday in January feels like compared to a Sunday in December. I know I couldn't really keep up the pace of December all year long, but it feels so good at the time. It feels like flying. No moment is wasted. And January always feels like a let down at some point. This weekend is feeling that way. It only takes a few steps before you start to feel normal walking at a normal pace again. It will all balance out soon. I'm looking forward to regaining my usual stride.


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