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Monday, January 24, 2005

Weekend in Review

Had an oddly productive weekend. I posted the two washer/dryer sets and the armoire on craig's list. The armoire and one washer/dryer set sold on Sunday. The woman who bought the armoire was just pretty darned cool. She's a construction inspector for the state who specializes in hospital construction. We ended up hanging out with her for a couple of hours, and ultimately invited her and her partner to games on Friday night.

Beyond that, my dad came down with Howard and they finished the foundation bolting in 2 hours flat. They made a great team under there, with Howard drilling and my dad bolting behind him. I must send Howard a big thank you. Having his help made all the difference, and watching he and my dad banter back and forth was actually heart-warming. There is someone on the earth who "gets" my dad -- his brother. They have the same sense of humor. I'm also heartened to note that my dad and Carol have gotten back together. This is probably a really good thing. Dad needs a companion in life, and Carol is perfect save for one "defect" - her love of pets. My dad HATES pets. But, if they can work around that, as they did before for 10 years, then they'll both have someone and that's a good thing. They're already planning a big trip to England for 3 or 4 weeks in May. This is such a good thing. I'm hoping it makes my dad happy. He's been so very lonely.

I also did little things like dying my hair, buying a rake for the lawn, scooping up the dog poop from the front yard, and checking out the Espresso Garden as a potential ceili venue. And we got to go out Friday night to play games with Kevin and Rachel at Barefoot Coffee, which is the best little old fashioned coffee house in Santa Clara.

Oh, and Pixel is no longer eating Kitten flavor. He's graduated to adult cat food. According to the last vet visit, he's probably a year old now, so he gets to eat the big boy food. Our little baby's growing up! Sure, now he's just an unruly teenager with a sock fetish, but a year from now, he'll be a lazy adult cat.

And tonight, I get to watch Hamlet (which I got for Christmas on DVD) with Christyn and Brian over a dinner of Cabbage Porial and Chicken Cauliflower Masala. Hooray for good friends, good food, and good film.


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