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Thursday, January 13, 2005

West Wing

So I went to Paul's last night to catch 2 more episodes of West Wing. We watched "Eppur Si Muove", which amused me more than the average person. Bartlett's daughter's lab was being targeted for their "questionable" NIH grant. Questionable in the mind of conservative Christians who had taken a list of all such research grants to the floor to complain about what taxpayer dollars were being spent on. Now, being far more familiar now than I ever expected to be with the entire process of getting an NIH grant for research, and getting that research proposal approved, this struck a pretty loud chord with me. Sure, studying HPV in Puerto Rican prostitutes doesn't sound all mom and apple pie on the surface, but dammit, it's not a political decision. The research needs to be done, and may someday lead to a HPV vaccine, which could save thousands of women from the pain and possible death from cervical cancer. And how dare a congressman think they know better what is valuable scientific research than the NIH, the peer reviewers, or the scientists designing the study? Do you have any idea how hard it is to get human subjects research approved? Gah. Anyway, I strongly feel that we have incredibly strong safeguards in place to protect the subjects and the researchers and to insure scientific value in the research. Let the process work and don't make political hay about what you haven't taken the time or effort to fully understand. Plus, there was a subplot involving the Muppets. It was good West Wing.

The bad news is that both our Tivo and Paul's are missing the same 2 episodes of West Wing, so I'll have to skip those and go on. Such is life. I'm sure I'll catch them eventually. We took our remaining time to watch a couple episodes of last year's Solstrom. It's an odd little show, but it's fun seeing some good cirque acts again. Too often the act just isn't shot from a good angle though. We watched two episodes, both interesting, but not quite good enough to recommend.

And now I'm just 3 episodes away from this season, which I have recorded. Yay!


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