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Tuesday, February 22, 2005


There's a good chance the ceili at Rosie McCann's Irish Pub is done and gone. For some deranged reason, the shift manager started making a bunch of pronouncements tonight that went against all of the agreements I had with the general manager. First he gave our folks grief about getting separate checks even though that had been agreed upon the previous Tuesday. He told the wait staff that there should be a minimum of five persons to a check, which is ridiculous for a table that only seats 2-4 people. It makes zero sense. Then this little prick thought the dance should end at 9:30 even though we'd advertised it until 10:00 and had been encouraged the first week to go longer. There were people there from Berkeley for pity's sake. One hour of dancing is insufficient for that drive. Then the prick decided that the band WHO PLAYS FOR FREE shouldn't get their free round. This was agreed on the first night - one free round to the band. Simple. Clean. Courteous. Clearly out of the question. There were 28 people there for the ceili tonight. That's 28 receipts that they wouldn't ordinarily have on a Tuesday night. There were probably not more than a dozen folks there the entire time we were there that weren't of our group. I don't know what the little wanker's problem was, but if the general manager does not 1. fire him or 2. keep him away from Tuesday nights or maybe 3. have him grovel next time I see him, then I'm done, which is probably fine since the prick intimated that he didn't want us back. We'll see what the general manager has to say tomorrow, but really, I've lost interest.

And really, could I have a nice boring week where things go basically as generally expected? I think that would be just great right about now. I'm sick of stupid pointless drama in my life.


  • That sounds yucky, was he the same shift manager as last week ?

    Definitely have a talk with the general manager. You had a couple places interested. You can look around if need be.

    sorry about the stress

    By Blogger Chris S, at 12:20 AM  

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