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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Getting Fiesty

Apparently working late gets me fiesty. I've just submitted three help requests:

1. My keyboard needs and extension cord because it's currently too short and frequently accidentally presses the F keys.

2. Directory Services needs to display the Primary SUNet ID only, not the aliases, or list them in separate categories, because these documents I'm here working late on are all muffed because no one on campus can tell what the primary SUNet ID is for people.

3. I also reported the critters above my head. Also, our building was sprayed by a skunk on Monday night/Tuesday morning. The ladies room has a powerful funk, especially after the cleaning guy uses his chemicals in there. It's a vile concoction of skunk funk and chem stink. All bad.

So yeah, I'm still working. It's gonna be a 14 hour day methinks. 's okay. I'm picking Rick up at the airport around 11:00 and I'm sleeping in tomorrow. We moved to production successfully today, so the tech is ready. Hopefully the social will be ready soon if I can get these docs finished tonight and start working on training materials tomorrow. I'm 11 days (6 workdays) from teaching 3 classes I haven't started writing training materials or presentation materials for. Oh yeah. It's gonna be wicked crazy between now and March 4th (the actual go live date). And, oh yeah, it'll be wicked crazy after that too because we'll be live and I'll be front line help desk support in addition to teaching the classes, running the open labs, and testing enhancements. These are the days I earn my pay.

Break over!


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