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Monday, February 14, 2005

M&M Fortune Telling

Do you ever get those really weird ideas? You know the ones - where you simultaneously think "I wonder why this isn't a basic cultural practice?" and "What the heck am I thinking?"

I just opened a little baggie of mini M&Ms. Through a bizarre need to bring order into my life, I poured out all of the M&Ms and proceeded to sort them by color. Turns out, my baggie has a rather uneven split. Lots of blue and yellow and orange, fewer green, 4 brown, and 1 red. "So what does that mean?" I thought briefly. Followed by, it means the sorter dumped an odd amount of each into the bag.

But then I thought, well, the greens always seem to sybolize sex somehow, though I don't know why. There's lots of traditional symbolism for red and blue and green and even orange, though brown is a bit harder. But really, it's a common schoolyard thing to talk about green M&Ms as being about sex or they make your horny or whatever. It's just weird that the rest of the colors don't have a long-standing symbolism, and also that there isn't a junior high/high school lunchtime game of fortune telling based on what's in your bag of M&Ms. In that tradition, there's the game of MASH. Or there's fortune telling based on tarot cards or tea leaves. Why exactly hasn't this become a teenage fortune telling method? And could the mere act of writing this down encourage someone to create a web page? Could that web page be the start of an urban mythology?

Red could symbolize love. Brown could symbolize your living situation. Orange could symbolize your wealth. Blue could symbolize sadness or tragedy (less blue is better then). Yellow could be children. Green has to stay sex, otherwise the whole idea loses credibility.

I wonder what happens next...


  • Haha I was just thinking up this idea of fortune telling with M&M's. Except I thought more like this:

    Red: cool factor? (more is better)
    Yellow: sickness/health (less is better)
    Orange: Good Luck/situations (more is better)
    Green: sex/love/relationships (obviously)
    Blue: happiness level (more is better)
    Brown: Bad luck/situations (less is better)

    By Blogger Brianna, at 8:47 PM  

  • Just opened a fun sized bag of plain M&Ms. Roughly half blue, half green, and one brown one. So if I am "reading the shells" correctly, I will soon have lots of sex, lots of happiness and a little bit of bad luck, nothing too dramatic.

    I took a picture of all the M&Ms in my hand, wish I could post it here.

    By Blogger Gwen, at 9:45 AM  

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