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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

More Updates

Rick and I are not breaking up. That option is off the table for the time being. We had a nice weekend including gelato, an hour soak and intense discussion, breakfast with wireless - two laptops and two plates of food, dinner at home where I made a strange beef stroganoff variant involving cous cous, a lunch out playing Palm Monopoly before food arrived, loads of kitten snuggle time and kitten play time, sleeping in, Rick suffering a nasty cold and me force feeding him tea with tangerine juice, a day at Wondercon seeing Joss Whedon, Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin, and Summer Glau in person, an evening with Mice and Wendy and their baby who is now in the super fun, super cute 6 months old phase, and an hour spent coordinating calendars so that the mystery of my schedule is less mysterious.

I also just got a set of emails from a coworker who thought getting some work done on a Saturday of a 3 day weekend would be a good idea. The work he did involved something I'd asked someone else to do which they apparently delegated without giving clear instructions and a situation where one person is trying to finish something before a deadline and putting things into production before it's time which I found out about on Friday afternoon and the person who I needed to check on the repercussions of this with was home with a sick kid so to make a long story short (too late!), the person working on a Saturday just managed to really mess everything up and I'm going to get to try to clean it all up tomorrow morning and I'm not allowed to scold anyone who now has me really ticked off. Not the person who "delegated". Not the person who moved things to production without getting my okay. Not the person who was not at work on Friday. And certainly not the person making major system security changes on a Saturday of a 3 day weekend without calling to confirm those changes were right even though he suspected they seemed wrong and sent me emails to say so. Grr and sigh. It's going to be a very busy, very long four day week.

But hey - there's a ceili tomorrow. And tickets to see Well on Wednesday. And a late night at work on Thursday. Oh yeah. Next week commences the training schedule. I still haven't started writing the training classes yet. That's bad. We'll see how it all goes. And weeeeeeee!


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